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Rick & Morty's Long-Awaited 3rd Season Debuts!

July 29th, 2017

Just in case you've been living in an alternate dimension since 2013, Rick & Morty is an animated TV show on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block that has taken the world by storm! Most episodes follow the adventures of scientist and grandfather, Rick Sanchez, along with his not-so-smart grandson, Morty Smith, as they visit other dimensions and other worlds with the use of Rick's portal gun technology and his flying vehicle.

Since the show takes place during Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block, you can expect a lot of foul language, violence, and adult themes throughout.

The show has been such a hit with viewers, that it has spawned two tabletop games, a 3D Virtual Reality game, a comic book line, as well as numerous t-shirts and other merchandise.

You can watch Season 3 on Cartoon Network beginning July 30th, 2017 at 11:30pm(EDT). If you're NEW to the show, we suggest you binge-watch the first two seasons before then. Or, *burp*HELL, just binge-watch the first two seasons anyway, just to refresh your mem*burp*mory.