Be who you want to be!

by Michael Smith
December 10th, 2016

Emerald Coast Cosplay's Camera Upgrade at GoFundMe

My name is Michael, and I'm a photographer. I have enjoyed the art of photography since around 2008.

Since the start, I've shot and edited my own photos. Everything I learned, was learned online through other websites or tutorials. I would just sit on a computer and spend hours on Youtube searching for tips and tutorials on photography and editing techniques. I managed to buy my very first DSLR using my tax return from 2010, which was a Sony Alpha 330.

However, even though my old Sony camera still works as I take very good care of my electronic items, it is really beginning to show it's age.

In 2011, I started a photography business called Emerald Coast Cosplay, and I became interested and focused on Cosplay Photography. Since then, I travel around my local area and to as many sci-fi and anime conventions as I can go to in order to capture great shots of cosplayers and costumers. Maybe I shot with YOU at some point!

All of my travel expenses over the years has come out of my own pocket. Fuel, hotel stays, convention tickets, etc.

All of my shooting I've done at these conventions or locally around my area, I've done for FREE all these years. I've been offered money on many occasions for taking time out of my schedule to work with people, which I normally decline since I'm not into photography for profit, but for the creation of ART!