Be who you want to be!

As the coming of every year, certain cosplay outfits will be seen more than others due to the popularity at the time. The following, in no particular order, are our popular cosplays predictions you will most likely see at a gaming, sci-fi, or cosplay convention near you!

Cindy Aurum


Final Fantasy XV was released in the final quarter of 2016, and one of the games supporting characters has caught the attention of everyone's eye; the sexy mechanic, Cindy!

Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman is already a popular cosplay choice among many women. But, expect her to rise in even more popularity due to the new Wonder Woman movie coming out in June 2017!

The Power Rangers


The Power Rangers have a new movie coming out in the Spring of 2017! So, expect fans to cosplay as these characters this year. It's morphin' time!

Jack Sparrow


Jack Sparrow is returning to the big screen in May of 2017, which will give fans another reason to cosplay him!

Attack on Titan


Expect Attack on Titan to gain new popularity among new fans, as well as old ones, with the release of Attack on Titan's long-awaited second season!



RWBY is still ever-popular, and will continue to be going into 2017, since the release of Volume 4 in 2016.

Pokemon Sun & Moon


With both the Nintendo 3DS games and the anime of the same name, and the new look and feel of the popular characters, expect a few cosplayers to give them a shot!