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iDOLS of Cosplay: A Brief History

iDOLS of Cosplay consists of a cosplay group that Michael from Emerald Coast Cosplay works with and shoots with often, and each has a special talent and different skill level. iDOLS of Cosplay not only work with Emerald Coast Cosplay with photography and modelling, but they also assist with making videos.

The first iDOLS of Cosplay logo in 2014 featured the ECC logo as a dot for the "i".

Formerly known as Emerald Coast Cosplay iDOLS, the iDOLS of Cosplay have been around since the inception of Emerald Coast Cosplay in 2011. Some of the iDOLS have made convention appearances at Emerald Coast Cosplay tables during 2012 through 2014 whenever Michael was making guest appearance at both local and out-of-state conventions. However, after 2014, Michael began taking a step back from guesting and running tables at conventions to get back into what he enjoys doing most, which was cosplay photography. Guesting is never out of the question, however, but will be done on a case-by-case basis. He instead focuses more on cosplay photography at conventions and also helps in promoting the iDOLS of Cosplay whenever they have guest appearances.

The second logo debuted in 2015, which slightly streamlined the lettering, and removed the ECC logo.

In 2014, the iDOLS of Cosplay brand was begun, which at first, was supposed to be a standalone entity featuring the former Emerald Coast Cosplay iDOLS, and was intended to feature iDOLS from all over the world. However, that plan never got off the ground. In 2016, iDOLS of Cosplay was reintegrated as part of Emerald Coast Cosplay, while keeping the iDOLS of Cosplay name, along with a logo change in 2017 to the current one you see to the right.
This logo debuted in 2017 with iMV#8, and features more of a retro 1980's look and feel. It was designed specifically for iMV#8, but was kept as the new rebranded logo.
iDOLS of Cosplay have an ongoing iMV series, where some of the iDOLS dance around or perform shenanigans to various music, much like a "cosplay music video". They have gone from performing in solo videos, to sharing the screen with other fans and cosplayers, and even shared the stage with wild Pokémon.
They have also participated in a series of "Meet the iDOLS", where the iDOLS of Cosplay talk about their experiences and answer onscreen questions in a voice-over format, while the viewer watches photo shoot footage.

What's next for iDOLS of Cosplay? Who knows? Several iMV's are still in mind. It's just a matter of getting the iDOLS of Cosplay together in the same place for a few hours of filming. Everyone has busy schedules. ^^